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Developers needed

6rounds.com (GixOO LTD.) is an innovative new web-based start-up company located in the heart of Tel Aviv.">The platform offers an emotionally engaging live meeting point where users video chat, collaborate and share experiences together by playing games, watching videos, listening to music, shopping together and much more.

Does working with cutting edge technology appeal to you? Do you get a kick out of creating an up and coming real-time new media platform? Would you thrive by working in a supportive environment lead by Israel's technology experts? If so, you’re in luck because this fun, young, start-up company is looking for eager candidates to join their dynamic team and fulfill three exciting positions:

1. Flash Programmer

Developing Flash user interface and business logic for real time communication applications.
Building high performance user end applications for video and data communication.
Experienced Flash AS3 developer.
Minimum of 2 years experience in Flash development.
OOP and basic design patterns knowledge.
Understanding of web protocols, integration with external APIs (webservices, external interface etc.) as well as web integration (HTML, javascript), whilst keeping CPU and Memory client optimization in mind.
Advantages: Flash Media Server, Smartfox Server, Remoting, Server side/DB understanding, Design touch.

2. Server Developer

Developing the application server using Python, Mysql, memcache, couchdb and more.
Building client side tests and API using Python, JS, and AJAX.
Knowledge and understanding of the internet and OOP/OOD.
Familiar with server side languages – Python and Erlang are an advantage.
Fluentness in databases: SQL, stored procedures and triggers – MySQL is an advantage.
Experience working with Linux/Unix operating systems.
Basic knowledge HTML, JS and AJAX.

3. Web Developer

Developing the web server using Python, HTML, JS and AJAX.
Building web page templates using Cheetah and client libraries using JS.
Knowledge and understanding of the internet and OOP/OOD.
Familiar with HTML, CSS (CSS optimization), JS, and AJAX (MooTools is an advantage).
Thinks OO in JS.
Advantage: Knowledge in action script 3, photoshop, coding in any server side language and Linux.

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